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You Might be an Undead Redneck if…

…you got yerself one o’ yo very own zombie mullet t-shirts and cut them there sleeves right of’n it! Wear this one for a night of PBR’s and flesheatin’! Click on the image to get yours in a ton of different

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I LOVE Zombies!

If you love the cute little rotters as much as I do, you can get your very own t-shirt here


New Website is Up & Running!!

It’s finally here and kicks ass! Explore, check it out and have nightmares!! ShawnConnArt.com


Nazi Zombies Must Die T-shirts for Artsprojekt

Nazi Zombies Must Die T-shirts from Zazzle.com


Zombie Charlie Sees You!

This one’s sure to raise a few eyebrows. One of the most diabolical criminal masterminds of all time, Charles Manson, as the undead! This is perfect for when you’re babysitting those unruly kids down the street. Grab one today here!